10 picnic tips to make your picnic a fun, delicious, and stress-free outdoor feast!

1. Location, Location, Location

It’s important to consider your location and the time of day when planning your picnic. Whether you are dining al fresco at a park or beach, you want to pick a location with both plenty of shade and sun. It’s nice to have options, so pick a spot with shade trees or bring a large umbrella or canopy to provide you with relief from the sun.

2. Prepare a simple menu

It’s easy to create your very own effortless picnic spread; just remember that simple is often the best. Plan ahead and decide what foods travel well and are easy to eat while sitting on the grass. Pack food in individual containers, DIY wax paper bags, and disposable lunch boxes with labels for each person for that extra-special touch.

Our perfect picnic menu includes: roasted garlic caprese sandwiches, pasta salad, strawberry watermelon salad with honey lime vinaigrette, sliced bread, assorted meats & cheese, fresh fruit, and cookies.

3. Pack a comfortable seat

4. Pack eco-conscious, reusable items

5. Contain it

6. Keep cool and drink up

7. Don’t forget the non-food essentials

8. Don’t forget the fun and games

9. Turn up the tunes

10. Good company


Pack a picnic and head outdoors! It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary summer adventure.

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