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  • Join us in #Napa for a meet and greet with journalist Bianca Bosker!

    Event Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 4:00pm

    Featured Book: Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste

    Napa - Amateur drinker and professional tech reporter Bianca Bosker didn’t know much about wine—until she stumbled on an alternate universe of master sommeliers who could, after a single sip, identify the grape a bottle was made from, in what year, and where it was produced, within acres. Astounded by their fanatical dedication and seemingly superhuman sensory powers, Bosker set out to discover what drove their obsession, and whether she, too, could become a “cork dork.” Counterintuitive, compulsively readable, and hilarious, Cork Dork illuminates how tasting better can help us live better—and will change the way you drink wine forever.


  • Why Clean Eating Is Trending All Over Again.

    What is Clean Eating?

    Clean eating isn’t a diet, and it’s not about deprivation or limitation. In its simplest form, clean eating is a lifestyle that emphasizes selecting “whole foods” or “real foods” over highly processed foods. Here are some characteristics of “whole foods” that make them easily recognizable when you’re grocery shopping:

    • They are close to the original state in which they are grown or raised 
    • They spoil faster than processed foods
    • They’re things your great-grandparents would have recognized as food
    • They don’t usually have ingredient lists or, if they do, the list should be short
    • They’re often sold without packaging
    • They’re typically found around the perimeter of the grocery store 

    3 Easy Tips for Clean Eating

    1. Simpler is better. When it’s not possible to eat foods in their completely unprocessed form, select foods as close to their true form as possible. For instance, choose peanut butter with no added oils, sweeteners or salt as opposed to brands packed with sugar, salt and added fat.
    2. Start easy. When you’re starting out, try adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes to what you’re already eating rather than cleaning out your pantry. Do you typically have oatmeal for breakfast? Great, now add a topping of blueberries, strawberries, bananas or apples. Sprinkle bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, zucchini or spinach over your favorite pizza. And if you’re having a burger, add a crisp salad on the side packed with veggies and spiked with beans or a whole grain for heartiness.
    3. Plan ahead. Having a meal plan for the week makes creating a clean-eating shopping list simple. The Whole Foods™ Diet has easy-to-follow weekly menus that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, or take a look at some sample meal plans here.
  • Becoming a teacher made Anna love Pure Barre more than ever.

    Hi, my name is Anna, and I’ve been a Pure Barre addict for nearly four years now.

    (“Hi, Anna!”)

    All joking aside, discovering Pure Barre in early 2013 was life changing for me in so many ways. It was the first workout that I had found that I actually loved before, during, and after the workout. It changed my body in ways I hadn’t seen before.

    At Pure Barre, I was being taught by wonderfully encouraging and talented women, and it let me plug into a group of motivating, inspiring women in my community.No wonder I’ve been at the studio just about every day since purchasing the New Client Special package!

    A couple of years ago, I started toying with the idea of taking my love for Pure Barre to the next level. “Would I enjoy being a Pure Barre teacher,” I thought? As a client I had achieved so much with Pure Barre, and I felt like becoming a teacher would be a way for me to help give back to others within my community.

    Read more @ http://bit.ly/2coY4gT 

  • End of Summer Sidewalk Sale!

    ‪#BelAirePlaza‬'s Sidewalk Sale is this Saturday, August 20 & 21st!

    Come down & get ready to go ‪#‎BacktoSchool‬ 🤓



  • Mother’s Day Brunch — Two Ways!

    Cozy and Elegant Indoor Brunch

    Does the mother in your life love brunch? Silly question, of course she does! Whether she’s your wife, mom, sister, daughter, partner or friend, most moms have a love of brunch in common. Wow her this Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8 with an amazing brunch. What’s Mom’s style? Indoors and elegant? Rustic and outdoors? Either way, we’ve got you covered with tips and recipes to make this the best Mother’s Day ever.

    Herb Biscuits With Smoked Salmon and Creamy Chive Spread Recipe

    Whatever your egg preference, master how to prepare them now!


    Mango-Mint Green Smoothie Recipe

    This is not your average homemade brunch dish and will be sure to make Mom feel special.


    Gluten-Free Baked Berry French Toast

    Mom will appreciate this refreshing balance to Mother’s Day indulgences.


     Rosemary-Pear Bellini Recipe

    Enjoy on their own or add your favorite jam (try Easy Plum Jam with Chia Seeds).

    Sparkling, herbal and oh-so-good.

    • Don’t worry about fancy food — remember which foods Mom likes best. Mangos and strawberries? Anything chocolate? Flaky pastry? Light salads? Make sure to include that in the meal. If cooking isn’t your forte, make some, buy some. It’s ok to get some help from the store.
    • Grab some of Mom’s favorite flowers. Whole Trade® bouquets are colorful and cheerful.
    • When all else fails, put an egg on it! Learn how to make eggs four ways.


    By Lindsay Robison, April 27, 2016  |  Whole Foods Blog