• How to: Adopt a Pet

    Aug 26th 2019

    Adopting a pet can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll gain a best friend, a cuddle buddy, and a workout partner all rolled into one.

    Before you adopt, take some time to do your homework by researching rescue groups and breeds that best fit your lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Here are some things to consider before you adopt.

    1.What type of pet is right for your lifestyle? Whether you are adopting a rambunctious puppy or a mellow cat every pet needs love, attention and exercise. Before adopting, think about how a pet would fit in to your daily routine and work schedule. Take time to consider how long you are away from home. Will you have time to play with your pet or walk them daily? Consider how much space you have in your home and yard. Will your pet have enough room for exercise? Lastly, if you are a renter, it is important to be absolutely sure that your landlord allows pets.

    2.Research breeds and characteristics – Whether you are adopting a cat, dog or rabbit, it is important to choose a pet whose needs and characteristics best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy a more active lifestyle an animal with high energy would be a great fit. If you prefer a more laid back lifestyle, consider a pet that would prefer to snuggle with you on the couch, such as a senior dog or a cat.

    When it comes to the adoption process, it is not uncommon to have your heart set on a certain breed or look of a cat or dog; however it is important to be open to all the options. There are a lot of available animals, so keep an open mind and go where the chemistry takes you. You may be pleasantly surprised about who you end up with.

    3.Finding a shelter or rescue – Once you have narrowed down the perfect companion for your lifestyle, research local shelter and rescue groups via websites and social media. Available animals will be posted with a cute photo and character description, detailing their personality, size, age and any known history.

    If you are open to lots of options, shelters receive animals of varying breeds, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a particular type of pet, there are rescue groups that specialize in breed or age specific animals. For example, if you are looking specifically to adopt German shepherd or Russian Blue cat, there’s a specialized rescue for that.

    4.Check the requirements –Once you have picked a shelter or rescue group to adopt from, look into what paperwork is required. Each group will have their own process; some groups have an application to be filled out and will interview the prospective adopter. Others, especially with specialty dog breeds, may want to do a home visit or check with a landlord. Many groups accept applications in advance so you can be pre-approved before an adoption event.

    5.Find your pet! – There are several ways to meet the animals that have caught your eye. You can set up meet n’ greets or attend an adoption event of your chosen rescue group. If you don’t already know, Pet Food Express stores host adoption events for local rescue groups every weekend.

    If are looking for the crème de la crème of adoption events, join us at the Bay Area Pet Fair on September 14 and 15. The Pet Fair is one of North America’s largest pet adoption events, with 70 rescues attending with over 2,000 adoptable animals. Rescue and shelter volunteers will be available to introduce you to all the available animals. In addition, Pet Food Express staff will be on hand to set you up with all your pet nutrition and supply needs.

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    One thing that brings people back to the barre is the BURN! But what happens when the burn turns to burnout or even worse, injury? As a barre-tender myself, I want people to enjoy the benefits of this amazing workout without fear of getting hurt or feeling left behind. Here are 3 ways to help keep the burn going without compromising the benefits.

    Neutral Pelvis

    When it comes to lower back pain or strain, tucking can further aggravate or worsen any issues that may be occurring. Taking out the “tuck” and maintaining a neutral pelvic position will alleviate compression in the lower spine. An alternative move would be to go into an anterior tilt instead when doing “back dancing.” 

    Forearms > Flat Back

    Having issues with the hip flexors? Instead of doing Flat Back on the wall, prop up on forearms on the floor (like a reverse forearm plank). This will allow for an increase in abdominal support when lifting the legs. Being in an upright position creates a shortened angle between the legs and hips, making it difficult for any leg flexion. The hip flexors have to work much harder and overworking this muscle group can cause fatigue, strain and even pain. Swap for forearms and you won’t miss a beat!

    Have a ball!

    High C Curve can put an unwanted load on the lower back if experiencing pain in that area. A way to take off some of the stress, and make this position more comfortable, try placing a ball behind the lower spine. Leaning back into the ball will offer support for the back while allowing the abdominals to work harder. The goal is not to be in pain, but to work the core, so using this prop will ensure for a burn without burnout.

    It is important for longevity in barre classes to not push through the pain. Modifying, adjusting a set-up, or replacing an exercise is not a sign of weakness but intelligence. Not every group class is designed with our bodies in mind, so having options in your back pocket are important to make the right choices for yourself. Enjoy these tips so you can keep feeling the burn without burning out!

    About the Author

    Michelle DuVall is the creator of Barre Variations, a compressive method and manual with an expanded syllabus of choreography and technique. She is also a passionate motivator who creates inclusive experiences for her community through movement sessions, wellness events and retreats.

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  • Totally Giftable Skin Care Tools

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    Perfect for gift-giving season: Ways to improve skin’s appearance without the expense or time of medical spa procedures. Check out these easy-to-use devices that bring spa technologies (and results!) into your home.

    Contour, tone and smooth with NuFACE

    Little knobs on this device direct safe, low-level microcurrents through your skin, tissue and down to your muscles (microcurrent technology has even been approved by the FDA as muscle stimulant).

    The way it works is that microcurrents stimulate the body to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a compound found in all our tissues that helps boost firming and plumping proteins like collagen and elastin. Some people see immediate results, but others may require a few weeks to get the desired plumpness.

    Results are cumulative, so after a few months of use, you’ll see improved contours and a more toned and firm look, users say. After two months, or when you’ve achieved the results you want, scale back to 2 or 3 days a week for maintenance.

    How to choose the NuFACE for you
    NuFACE Gold Trinity Complete Skin Toning Collection features a NuFACE Trinity microcurrent device with a facial trainer (knobs coated in 18K rose gold!), 24K gold Gel Primer (with real gold flakes for extra firming), skin prep cloths and a power adapter. Grab this limited edition set for the holidays before it’s gone!

    NuFACE Mini has the same power as the larger device but its petite size makes it great for travel or small bathroom counters.

    NuFACE NuBody Skin Toning Device is the firming device for smoothing dimples on uneven skin. With four treatment knobs and an easy-to-grip round handle, you’ll firm sagging skin in larger areas like thighs, stomach and arms.

    Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer is used with all NuFACE devices and helps ensure optimal microcurrent conductivity and treatment results.

    Boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles with the ORA Microneedle

    If you want to banish fine lines and improve the look of old acne scars, try microneedling. This device is a cylinder with many tiny medical-grade needles that gets rolled lightly over your face, resulting in micro-injuries to the top layer of skin. Your body responds by boosting collagen and elastin production.

    Clinical studies show that this technique works to plump skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Microneedling can be used on other parts of your body, too, and a wider roller can help reduce the look of cellulite on legs, arms and stomach. Try ORA Microneedle Face and Full Body Roller Kit with four interchangeable rollers for face, body, lips and other small areas, and a sterilization tray for use after rolling. This kit is great because it includes just the right size of microneedle for each part of the body to ensure you don’t damage skin, and the included sterilization tray makes it easy to clean the tool before and after each use. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure you’re using the tool properly!

    Reduce puffiness and calm irritated skin with a crystal roller

    For a slightly more organic skin care experience, a gemstone facial roller does the trick. For centuries Chinese women have been relying on this simple beauty tool to relax facial muscles and reduce puffiness.

    When rolled gently in an upwards and outward motion over the face, gemstone rollers help release and drain toxins in the lymph nodes. The natural coolness of the gemstone makes it especially good for reducing under-eye puffiness and relieving irritated skin. Storing the roller in the refrigerator will enhance the effect and you can roll after applying serums for better penetration.

    How to choose a gemstone roller

    Kitsch Jade Crystal Facial Roller is a classic choice, as it’s naturally cool to the touch and will warm up a bit when used. Because this gemstone has slight variations and is not as silky smooth as other stones, it has more impact on the deeper muscles of the face—making it a good choice for lifting and helping serums penetrate more deeply. Jade is known as a healing gemstone, so this roller also helps soothe redness and balance your skin.

    Kitsch Rose Quartz Facial Roller will remain cool to the touch and is best known for helping smooth wrinkles. Rose quartz is also said to be the gemstone of love and helps release toxic energies so stress and tension (that cause fine lines!) ease when you roll it over your face.

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