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    Pure Barre: 7 Reasons Why Sleep is Vital to Wellness

    If you are staying up all night watching television or playing computer games, then you aren’t getting enough sleep, and this is detrimental for your health in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways that lack of sleep can affect your mind and body along with why you should make sleep a priority.

    Way 1: Having a Poor Immune System

    When you are experiencing frequent illnesses, it is often caused by having a poor immune system. While you are sleeping, your body’s glands produce hormones that strengthen your immunity levels. If you are sick, then your physician will tell you to sleep so that your body’s immune system heals you naturally. Begin to sleep the appropriate number of hours each night so that you aren’t sick as often.

    Way 2: Becoming Grumpy

    If you are grumpy with your spouse and children, then this behavior is frequently caused by lack of sleep. When you aren’t sleeping enough, it can affect the emotional center of your brain, making you unable to tolerate annoying behavior from others. Make sure to go to bed at the same time each night to regulate your body’s circadian rhythms so that you sleep better.

    Way 3: Low Energy Levels

    You shouldn’t need to drink several cups of coffee or tea in the morning while you try to wake-up. If you are sleeping for seven to nine hours each night, then you will have a higher level of physical energy so that you can eat a nutritious breakfast before beginning your day at work, home or school.

    Way 4: Inability to Learn

    You already know children must have enough sleep to learn new concepts in school, but you also must have enough sleep to understand how to perform your job. If you can’t learn new information at work, then you should begin sleeping more each night in a quiet and dark bedroom.

    Way 5: Gaining Weight

    If you are gaining weight, then check your nightly sleeping schedule. New studies reveal that lack of sleep can change your body’s metabolism, leading to excess weight. Make sure to go to bed earlier each night so that you can begin to lose weight.

    Way 6: Developing High Blood Pressure

    When you have high blood pressure, in addition to eating a healthy low-sodium diet and exercising, you should sleep at least eight hours each night. Sleeping helps your body overcome the effects of the stress hormones that your body’s glands produce throughout the day. One of these hormones is cortisol, and it is a chemical that leads to gaining weight.

    Way 7: Developing Chronic Depression

    If you aren’t sleeping enough on a routine basis, then you are more likely to develop depression. When you suspect that you have a sleep problem such as sleep apnea or a circadian rhythm disorder, you should visit a specialist who can help you overcome the conditions so that you can sleep more each night.

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  • Gouda Vibes Summer Cheese Plate at Trader Joe's

    Gouda Vibes Summer Cheese Plate

    Made with certified organic, pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 10 months on wooden boards, Trader Joe’s Organic Gouda Cheese taps into a tradition of Dutch Gouda production that goes back to the 12th century. With 10 months of aging, it’s been given just enough time to develop superbly nutty & lightly caramel-y flavors, while maintaining a slightly crystallized yet impossibly creamy texture that’s just soft enough for easy shredding and melting.

    This combination of nuttiness and slight creaminess makes Trader Joe’s Organic Dutch Gouda a perfect complement to tart, tannic fruit, or dry, snappy white wines and ciders. To demonstrate, in this recipe we encourage its savory study on a cheese plate, alongside TJ’s Smoked Gouda and 1,000 Day Aged Gouda. Paired with tart stone fruit, sweet melon and dry roasted almonds, you’ll have Gouda vibes all summer long…


    • TJ’s Organic Dutch Gouda

    • TJ’s 1,000 Day Aged Gouda

    • TJ’s Smoked Gouda

    • Your favorite TJ’s Honey

    • TJ’s Dry Roasted Unsalted Almonds

    • TJ’s Peach, sliced

    • ¼ TJ’s Cantaloupe, seeds removed and cut into cubes or scooped into balls

    • TJ’s Red Cherries


    Slice or cube cheeses as desired (wash your knife in between cheeses to keep the flavors separate). Arrange in piles on a large serving platter or cheese board. Fill in the gaps with fruit and almonds. Pour honey into a small dipping bowl or ramekin and nestle in between fruit and cheese. Serve with dry white wine, cider, or another sparkling summer refreshment of your choosing.

    credits to Trader Joe's here

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