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  • Pantry Makeover: Stock Up on Healthier Staples

    We’ve all been there. It’s 6:45 pm (or 7:45 or…10) and you’re wondering what on earth to eat for dinner. Here’s the good news: with a little planning, you can hunger-proof your pantry and make it easier to create fast and good-for-you meals with staples you always have on hand!

    A healthier pantry starts with some of the same basics that build a wholesome plate: whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and healthy flavor boosters such as vinegar and low-sodium soy sauce.

    Whole Grains

    Whole grains are packed with nutrients and many are packed with fiber, too. Use brown rice, quinoa or bulgur as flavorful foundations for Mighty Bowls like this one with pinapple and ginger. Barley and brown rice are tasty, but take the better part of an hour to cook, so be sure to stock up on some quick-cooking varieties like bulgar or quinoa for busy days. (Frozen grains can be a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time too.)

    Don’t forget about whole grain pasta. Two ounces (dry) of whole wheat spaghetti or linguine, for example, can deliver about 6g protein, and it’s perfect for pantry meals like Puttanesca Pasta or Quick Italian Spinach and Pasta Soup.


    Beans provide a shelf-friendly source of protein, fiber and phytonutrients. Cooking dried beans from scratch is easy (though it takes some time at the stovetop) and affordable, while canned beans are key for convenient meals on the fly. With plenty of beans in your pantry, you can whip up salads, burritos, Quick and Easy Veggie Chili or Simply Delicious Homemade Hummus.

    Nuts and Seeds

    They may be small, but nuts and seeds pack a powerful wallop of flavor and texture. Although they tend to be high in fat (and, therefore, calories), it’s primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, and they can also offer fiber, protein and a host of vitamins and minerals.

    Nuts and seeds can work double duty, too. When you are making salad dressing, look to nutbutters and seedbutters as flavorful alternatives to other milder extracted oils. Tahini adds mellow, nutty flavor to Creamy Sesame Greens, while peanut butter makes a tasty sauce for recipes such as Sesame-Peanut Noodles.

    Flavor Boosters

    Don’t forget those indispensable ingredients that pull everything together! A short list includes low-sodium vegetable broth, no-salt-added canned tomatoes, low-sodium soy sauce, vinegars and your favorite dried herbs and spices.

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    Stock up Now: 17 Healthier Pantry Staples

    Whole Grains

    • Brown rice, barley, quinoa, bulgar, millet, or rolled and/or steel-cut oats
    • Whole grain pasta


    • Dried beans and lentils
    • Canned no-salt-added beans

    Nuts and Seeds

    • Raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds
    • No-salt-added peanut or almond butter

    Flavor Boosters + Extras

    • canned no-salt-added diced tomatoes
    • low-sodium vegetable broth
    • unsweetened plain soymilk
    • unsweetened plain almondmilk
    • mellow white miso
    • tahini
    • dried apricots, dates or raisins
    • Dijon mustard
    • a variety of vinegars or lemons and limes
    • your favorite dried herbs and spices
    • nutritional yeast

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  • 3 Delicious Carrot Recipes

    3 Delicious Carrot Recipes

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    Run out of ideas for what else to do with these crunchy orange beauties other than eating them raw and tossing them into salads? We love this underdog veggie for their crunch factor and how they pack a nutritional punch.  Carrots are full of vitamins and minerals which are good for your health and your green smoothies.

    We love adding carrots to our green smoothies for the health factor and we also think carrots make our green smoothies taste great. We usually add raw sliced carrots to our blenders but we know that sometimes blenders just can’t take the heat from blending up their fibrous, crunchy goodness.

    If you’ve tried adding raw carrots to your hard-working machine and it just can’t get past those chunky little bits, then this one’s for you.


    1. Kick Cancers A** : The chemical compounds in carrots have shown to decrease the risk of certain cancers and other chronic illnesses.
    2. Fountain of Youth: With carrots’ high amounts of antioxidants, they are a great all-nnaturalanti-aging veggie.
    3. Eye Like You: Carrots are high in Vitamin A, which help protect the health of your eyes — helping you see for years to come.
    4. All Natural Toothbrush: That’s right. By chomping on these bad boys, they help clean your teeth and gums — no toothpaste required.
    5. Easy on the Wallet: Available in most areas all year round, carrots are one of the cheapest veggies you can find in the produce section, which helps you keep more of your hard-earned moolah.



    We are lovers of all things leafy green— especially spinach. And this extremely creamy green smoothie is no exception. 

    Serves 2

    • 1 ½ cups spinach, fresh
    • 2 carrots, include leaf tops
    • 2 cups water
    • 1 cup mango
    • 1 cup pineapple
    • 1 banana

    Blend spinach, carrot tops and water first until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend again.


    Carrot cake? Yes, Please! Want a piece of carrot cake but don’t want the guilt factor that goes along with it? Then try this recipe! It’ll knock your socks off and there won’t be an ounce of guilt after you finish the entire glass!

    Serves 2

    • 2 cups spinach, fresh
    • 1 ½ cups coconut milk
    • 2 carrots
    • ½ inch piece ginger
    • 2 pears
    • 1 cup pineapple
    • 1 banana

    Blend spinach and coconut milk first until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend again.


    Feeling a sniffle or cold coming on? Then reach for this blast of immunity lovin’ in a glass. It tastes amazing and might just help you get past that cold a day or two quicker.

    Serves 2

    • 2 cups spinach, fresh
    • ½ cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 banana
    • 1/4 cup carrots
    • 2 cups strawberries
    • 1/2 cup blueberries


  • 7 Legitimate Health Benefits Of Chocolate.

    Did you know #DarkChocolate is packed with #antioxidants? 🍫✨

    Very few of us need a compelling reason to make ourselves eat chocolate. The taste and the momentary mood lift are enough to make it a treat that doesn't need a hard sell (but it's not the only mood-booster. You can actually Fight Depression By Growing A Good-Mood Garden).

    But if you aren't eating it consistently, you could be missing out on some of the most amazing health benefits of dark chocolate you never knew about.

    Click here for fun #facts http://ow.ly/EfXZ3090IM2 

  • Cozy up tonight with this #tasty veggie-packed ribollita stew!


    3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
    4 celery stalks, chopped
    3 medium cloves garlic, chopped
    2 medium carrots or equiv. winter squash, chopped
    1 medium red onion, chopped
    1 14-ounce / 400 ml can crushed tomatoes
    1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

    1 pound / 16 ounces / 450g cavolo nero (lacinato kale, Tuscan kale), stems trimmed off and leaves well chopped

    4 cups / 22 oz / 620g cooked white beans
    1/2 pound / 8 oz / 225g crustless loaf of bread
    1 1/2+ teaspoons fine grain sea salt
    zest of one lemon
    lots of well-chopped oily black olives



    http://ow.ly/Egxk308zGaj  @101Cookbooks

  • 9 Valentine's Day Gifts to Show Your Love

    Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, a friend, a teacher or an entire classroom of kiddos, we’ve got everything you need to make you look good (like really, really good!) on Valentine’s Day.


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  • I did a 1-day Nekter Juice Cleanse – Here’s What Happened.

    Think you’re not the cleansing type?? So did our blog editor. Find out what happens when self-professed food-obsessor Katy takes the Nekter Juice Cleanse plunge.

    I don’t consider myself a “cleanse” type of person. As an avid home-cook and food blogger, it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with food. I awaken each morning mulling over the possibilities for breakfast, and I often spend the evenings after the kids are in bed either poring over a cookbook, or working out to make room for more food. If I am Earth, then food is my sun. It’s Katy + Food 4ever.

    So despite my deep affinity for green juices, the thought of forgoing my beloved food for an entire day to try out a 1-day juice cleanse has always seemed both unappealing and unnecessary – especially for someone like me who eats very healthfully anyway. Besides, the last time I tried a homemade juice cleanse, I ended up at In-N-Out scarfing down a burger by lunch, convincing myself that because it had no bun, it was fair game.

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  • What You Put ON Your Skin Is Not Enough

    We have all heard the saying, “you are what you eat”. Well, truth be told, what you put on your skin is not enough. It is the entire “sum” of our life that ages us and affects our appearance. From what food you put in your body to what thoughts you think, it shows on your skin.

    Looking young is not only what you put on your skin – your appearance is also effected by what you put in it. Sumbody knows it is the entire sum of your lifestyle that affects the aging process. With everything from what toxins we are exposed to (internally and externally) to our diet, thoughts (yes, it its true… stress shows!) and what we use on our skin is affecting our health. Sumbody looks to treat the entire you. Beautiful skin truly starts from within. So take a moment while enjoying a nourishing snack to breath deep, stop, relax your mind and think happy thoughts. Its multi tasking at it’s finest!

    Read more here www.sumbody.com/what-you-put-on-your-skin-is-not-enough