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    Go light, airy and ultra easy with your indoor greenery using just about anything, from candle lanterns to terrariums. Air plants are a breeze to care for when you’ve got a consistent watering schedule (ie: a 20-minute soak every 3 – 4 weeks), not to mention they’re available in stunning colors (even pink!). They key to making the Tillandsia sing as a home decor statement is to explore all the different sizes and textures, then group them together for a one-of-a-kind botanical bouquet.

    I love the stunning black-tipped spikes of a Tillandsia stricta and the breezy draping of Spanish moss (did I mention that when well taken care of, they flower as well?). Let’s explore adding these beauties to every room of the house in the name of DIY and the pursuit of botanical bliss. These four fresh decor updates are going to change your home in just one day!

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  • How I Created a Boho-Chic Balcony

    Keyma is a lifestyle-blogger and full-time educator living in LA. She writes about fashion, beauty, health, and travel on her blog Style Weekender.

    Hello there, Loves.

    For today's post, I'm sharing with you my newly decorated balcony, in partnership with Orchard Supply Hardware. I have been itching to decorate my balcony and since summer is in full effect, I knew I had to do it now. I just returned from my vacation (Tulum) two days ago and I was so inspired by all the textures, fabrics, and contrast I saw in Tulum. Immediately upon returning I went directly to my local Orchard store to shop the items I knew would be perfect for my balcony decor.

    I started off my week one happy gal, skipping the vacation blues, and enjoying my newly decorated space. Nothing serves more bliss to my life than the comfort and chicness of my home, my happy space. Walk with me as I share how I decorated this chic, mexican-moroccan-boho vibe city balcony.

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  • How to Create Floral Arrangements


  • Earl Grey tea, poppy seeds & more!

    Earl Grey tea, poppy seeds & more! 

    Get DIY beauty tips from this Hungarian esthetician: http://ow.ly/XBc930bfi8i 

    Thanks to Pharmaca :)

  • All Your Summer Needs @ World Market ☀️

    Get ready for Summer! Shop World Market's new Outdoor Collection. https://www.worldmarket.com/category/outdoor.do

  • Dremel Hatch: A Wood Project Kit that comes with everything you need.

    Ever buy a project kit that told you it had “everything you need” or to “just add imagination?” Ever become get really, really upset when you opened that kit and it did not, in fact, come with everything you need? Yeah. Us too.

    So when Dremel® said they had a wood crafting project kit that included everything you need, our interests were piqued. Incoming the Dremel Hatch Project!

    We told them we were curious, and they sent us one to check out—a pallet wood wall art project called Skyline. We immediately went to work inspecting every single tiny little thing about it.

    Our conclusion? It’s the best thing that’s happened to craft night since the embroidery hoop.

    Overstatements aside, it lives up to everything we were told, and you’ll know it as soon as you pick one up.

    The first thing you’re going to notice is the box. It’s not just another cardboard box, it’s actually part of the project. It’s the workspace. Really!


    Step 1: Start with a tree that reflects the wintry season.

    Step 2: Makeover the mantel.

    Step 3: Up the cozy factor with a roaring fire and a comfy reading chair.

  • 9 Halloween Treats!

    Fun Character Snacks

    You’ll need:
    World Market Kettle Corn
    Mike and Ike candies
    paper character cups

    Directions: Fill these fun character cups with World Market popcorn and add a few coordinating Mike and Ike candies for a fun topper!

    Creepy Cupcakes

    You’ll need:
    -cupcake mix
    -chocolate icing
    -chocolate wafer cookies
    -creepy gummies and candies

    Directions: Bake your favorite cupcakes and top with chocolate icing. Place “dirt” (finely-crushed chocolate wafer cookies) on top of the icing and add your creepy crawlies, spooky faces and other frightening edibles.

  • 120 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas!

    Check out these 120 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas from Orchard Supply! http://www.shelterness.com/90-fall-porch-decorating-ideas/

  • Edible Plants that Grow in Shade!

    There are a few edible plants that grow in shade. Of which we have listed some. You can grow them in your shady space without much difficulty.

    1. Mint

    Mint is probably a best choice for shaded position. If you think to plant it in your shady backyard, just grow it in a confined space. Otherwise it will spread like a weed.

    2. Ginger

    Most of the root vegetables tolerate lack of sun. Ginger grows well in partial sun. All it needs a warm spot and moisture. You can also use ginger leaves in salads and teas.

    3. Fenugreek

    Fenugreek is a nutritious green leafy vegetable grown in South Asia, it is easy to grow. You can use it in salads, soups and many other recipes.

    Also read: How to grow Fenugreek

    4. Malabar Spinach

    Malabar spinach is a climbing spinach grows in tropics. It grows in part shade and moist soil, you can grow this green leafy vegetable in shade year round if your climate is frost free, otherwise grow it as annual.

    5. Pak choi

    Pak choi or bak choi is also called Chinese cabbage, a diverse plant you can grow from spring to fall. It likes cool weather, you can grow it in shade easily.

    6. Chameleon Plant

    Where nothing grows chameleon plant thrives. This beautiful ornamental plant is edible and used in Vietnamese cuisines. It grows in wet and shady spots. It is very invasive plant and once grown on ground, it spreads aggressively so it’s better to plant it only in containers.