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    Show us how you rock your ugly sweaters in all their fuzzy, silly, light-up glory!


    The best way to stretch your comfort zone is with a classic that takes a risk. Case in point: this snappy blazer. The sharp lines and structured tailoring of this statement-piece-turned-wardrobe-go-to make the gold-tone a “wow”.

  • From Urban Loft to Farmhouse Chic!

    From Urban Loft to Farmhouse Chic, there are so many dining styles to discover! Shop the Room @ World Market |  http://www.worldmarket.com/category/furniture/dining-room/shop-the-room-dining/urban-loft.do


    Nothing is worse than when that low battery warning pops up on your phone—it means no more texting, calling, snapping, and more. And that just simply will not do. Never get stuck on 0% again with these adorable accessories with built in chargers that get your phone in the green anywhere & everywhere. 

    Read more at http://francescascollections.tumblr.com/post/149171992971/5-must-have-tech-accessories-for-the-girl-on-the

  • Get summer ready with Chicos

    Pool party? Already on the way. https://goo.gl/lGzriT


    Summer is the time for soirees, picnics, outdoor weddings and “grown up” tea parties.

    Why not make your next get-together even more “insta-worthy” with a do-it-yourself fabric ribbon photo booth backdrop?

    Trust us, your friends (and their cameras) are going to love this oh-so-chic (& simple to make) party decor.

    What You’ll Need:

    ·         Three sets of 3 yards of fabric in your favorite colors

    ·         Scissors

    ·         Rope

    ·         Banner

    ·         Pinwheels

    To start, cut and tear your fabric into ribbons about two to three inches wide. Most fabrics tear pretty easily, so all you will need to do is slice a small strip with your scissors and rip it the rest of the way. 

    After doing this over and over (and over) until you’ve run out of fabric, you’ll find yourself with a pile of ribbons. 

    Now it’s time to string those ribbons up to make your backdrop!

    Double knot the end of each ribbon to the rope, evenly spacing out each ribbon. 

    It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to space out your colors, whether you want a multicolor backdrop, ombré backdrop or even a solid one! 

    Before you cut your rope, remember to measure out the space where you plan to hang your backdrop. 

    We hung our photo booth backdrop up between two trees, but tied to a light pole, fence or even nailed to an indoor wall works too! 

    Get creative! There are so many fun ways and places to hang a ribbon photo booth. 

    Depending on the occasion, banners and paper décor help to spruce up a ribbon backdrop even more! 

    Use clothespins to easily add decorations to your creation just how you see fit. 

    Once your ribbon backdrop is hung up and ready to go, it’s time to grab your pals, your photo booth must-haves and say cheese! 


    10 picnic tips to make your picnic a fun, delicious, and stress-free outdoor feast!

    1. Location, Location, Location

    It’s important to consider your location and the time of day when planning your picnic. Whether you are dining al fresco at a park or beach, you want to pick a location with both plenty of shade and sun. It’s nice to have options, so pick a spot with shade trees or bring a large umbrella or canopy to provide you with relief from the sun.

    2. Prepare a simple menu

    It’s easy to create your very own effortless picnic spread; just remember that simple is often the best. Plan ahead and decide what foods travel well and are easy to eat while sitting on the grass. Pack food in individual containers, DIY wax paper bags, and disposable lunch boxes with labels for each person for that extra-special touch.

    Our perfect picnic menu includes: roasted garlic caprese sandwiches, pasta salad, strawberry watermelon salad with honey lime vinaigrette, sliced bread, assorted meats & cheese, fresh fruit, and cookies.

    3. Pack a comfortable seat

    4. Pack eco-conscious, reusable items

    5. Contain it

    6. Keep cool and drink up

    7. Don’t forget the non-food essentials

    8. Don’t forget the fun and games

    9. Turn up the tunes

    10. Good company


    Pack a picnic and head outdoors! It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary summer adventure.