Global Connections: Drink a Great Cup, Do a Good Thing.

Coffee thrives where people do. We support the communities where our beans are grown, lending hands and knowledge to make life and coffee better.

Spreading the Wealth of Knowledge

Partnering with TechnoServe to wield coffee for positive change

Peet's has worked with many of the same exceptional farmers and estates for over 40 years. What we've learned in that time holds true today: where the land is respected and the people who farm it live well, the coffee is โ€“ quite simply โ€“ better. In 2000, we partnered with international non-profit TechnoServe to spread that wealth, teaching small-scale farmers how to craft quality coffee that fetches a market premium.

TechnoServe is committed to creating opportunities that directly benefit the rural poor. As they see it, economic development is what drives sustainable social progress; schools, health clinics and libraries cannot be maintained without financial resources, which are generated by profitable businesses and the jobs and incomes they provide. Since 1968, TechnoServe has worked in a total of 22 developing countries, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa.

Starting with our former Chairman, Jerry Baldwin, our team of coffee experts has spent the last decade traveling the globe with TechnoServe, providing world-class advice on how coffee growers can improve their quality and earn higher prices selling to the specialty market. Peet's has worked successfully with small-scale farmers in Rwanda, Tanzania and other parts of Africa, helping them elevate their coffee quality to become regular Peet's producers. Our popular Uzuri African Blend is made up entirely of TechnoServe coffees.

Our partnership with TechnoServe yields dividends for all involved. Just as any truly sustainable solution should.

To learn more about TechnoServe's coffee work or make a donation, please visit:

View a video about the farmers behind Uzuri African Blend.

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