How Pure Barre Complements Your Favorite Outdoor Activity

There are many reasons I am grateful for Pure Barre, but every spring, I’m especially thankful for the way that Pure Barre has conditioned me for all kinds of outdoor exercise and activity. Whether it’s hitting the trail for an invigorating run, trying to whip past my husband on a bike ride, or just taking a brisk morning walk with my dog, Pure Barre is an awesome complement to the outdoor pursuits I love. Here’s why …

Pure Strength

The exercises we do in Pure Barre build strength – no doubt about it. Strong muscles enable our bodies to work efficiently and safely in every physical challenge we take on outside the studio. All of our abdominal exercises really pay off, since that core strength will hold your framework in place and protect your back, no matter where your weekly workout routine takes you.

Pure Endurance

During every Pure Barre class, you work hard for 55 minutes! This kind of conditioning is key when it comes to building your endurance as you set out on a longer run or ride. Those hills will suddenly seem like no big thing.

Pure Flexibility

Many of us – myself included – are not great about remembering to stretch after working out. Because stretching is built into the Pure Barre program, we automatically benefit from that vital flexibility which makes us less prone to injury. As the oldie but goodie saying goes: “It’s better to bend, not break!”

Pure Mind-Body

Pure Barre classes offer two kinds of training – physical and mental. As you’re figuring out how to move your leg by firing your seat muscles, you are deepening your mind-body connection. You’ll find that this powerful and positive awareness grows with practice, and can be carried over to any other sport.

Pure Confidence

It all culminates with confidence. Experiencing the physical and mental strength you develop through Pure Barre classes allows you to feel confident in your body’s abilities. This self-assuredness will stay with you as you hit the trails or clip into your pedals, making any physical activity so much more enjoyable and fun.

So maybe I still can’t pass my husband on a ride, but I know that Pure Barre keeps me close to his back tire – and for that, I am always grateful. See you in the great outdoors.

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