How to: Adopt a Pet

Aug 26th 2019

Adopting a pet can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll gain a best friend, a cuddle buddy, and a workout partner all rolled into one.

Before you adopt, take some time to do your homework by researching rescue groups and breeds that best fit your lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Here are some things to consider before you adopt.

1.What type of pet is right for your lifestyle? Whether you are adopting a rambunctious puppy or a mellow cat every pet needs love, attention and exercise. Before adopting, think about how a pet would fit in to your daily routine and work schedule. Take time to consider how long you are away from home. Will you have time to play with your pet or walk them daily? Consider how much space you have in your home and yard. Will your pet have enough room for exercise? Lastly, if you are a renter, it is important to be absolutely sure that your landlord allows pets.

2.Research breeds and characteristics – Whether you are adopting a cat, dog or rabbit, it is important to choose a pet whose needs and characteristics best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy a more active lifestyle an animal with high energy would be a great fit. If you prefer a more laid back lifestyle, consider a pet that would prefer to snuggle with you on the couch, such as a senior dog or a cat.

When it comes to the adoption process, it is not uncommon to have your heart set on a certain breed or look of a cat or dog; however it is important to be open to all the options. There are a lot of available animals, so keep an open mind and go where the chemistry takes you. You may be pleasantly surprised about who you end up with.

3.Finding a shelter or rescue – Once you have narrowed down the perfect companion for your lifestyle, research local shelter and rescue groups via websites and social media. Available animals will be posted with a cute photo and character description, detailing their personality, size, age and any known history.

If you are open to lots of options, shelters receive animals of varying breeds, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a particular type of pet, there are rescue groups that specialize in breed or age specific animals. For example, if you are looking specifically to adopt German shepherd or Russian Blue cat, there’s a specialized rescue for that.

4.Check the requirements –Once you have picked a shelter or rescue group to adopt from, look into what paperwork is required. Each group will have their own process; some groups have an application to be filled out and will interview the prospective adopter. Others, especially with specialty dog breeds, may want to do a home visit or check with a landlord. Many groups accept applications in advance so you can be pre-approved before an adoption event.

5.Find your pet! – There are several ways to meet the animals that have caught your eye. You can set up meet n’ greets or attend an adoption event of your chosen rescue group. If you don’t already know, Pet Food Express stores host adoption events for local rescue groups every weekend.

If are looking for the crème de la crème of adoption events, join us at the Bay Area Pet Fair on September 14 and 15. The Pet Fair is one of North America’s largest pet adoption events, with 70 rescues attending with over 2,000 adoptable animals. Rescue and shelter volunteers will be available to introduce you to all the available animals. In addition, Pet Food Express staff will be on hand to set you up with all your pet nutrition and supply needs.

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