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  • Join us for a Summer Essentials Event!

    🌺 Join Pharmaca tomorrow & celebrate their June #Summer Essentials Sampling #Event on Thursday, June 1 from 11-3 PM 🌺

    #SummerEssentials is a #sampling & #shopping event based on helping customers get ready for the season with the key products they need to support an active summer #lifestyle! ⭐️ 

    ⭐️  Top 5 Summer Essentials! ⭐️ 
    1. Sunscreen (of course!)
    Replace it now if you’re still using last summer’s tube. And don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours.
    1. Cleansing wipes
    Great for taking off makeup, refreshing skin after a workout, cleaning little hands & so much more. 
    1. Instant hydration
    Grab a cool coconut water or stash an electrolyte packet or tab in your bag for an anytime dose of hydration. And don’t forget your reusable water bottle!
    1. A natural first aid kit 
    Keep a small bag on hand filled with bandages, an itch-relieving cream, antibiotic ointment, arnica and pain relief—and be ready for anything!
    1. Energy bars
    Pack a few in for between-meal snacks or a quick energy boost on the trail. Our bars offer clean nutrition from fruits, nuts, whole grains and more.


    #PharmacaLove 💙

  • Aromatherapy for Allergies

    Ready to try a new approach to calming allergy symptoms? Essential oils may be just the thing. “The great thing about essential oils is that all of them are anti-viral and anti-microbial, so they naturally boost immunity,” says Jessica Smith, lead practitioner at our Carlsbad store. “Because people with allergies often have low immunity, they can be a great way to support your immune health.”

    The simplest way to use essential oils is just to keep a bottle of Lavender or Tea Tree on hand, she says. “They’re the only two essential oils you can put on the skin directly, without a carrier oil,” says Jessica. “If you come in contact with an allergen, just rub a drop into your palms or anywhere else that was exposed to sanitize the skin.”

    Here are a few other ways to incorporate essential oils into your sniffle-fighting routine.

    Infused Neti Salt
    8 tbsp Neti Pot Salt
    5 drops Rosemary
    3 drops Tea Tree

    Mix in a glass jar and use 1-2 times per day throughout allergy season. “These two essential oils can also be used without salt—just add to two cups of warm water and use as a nasal rinse,” says Jessica.

    Topical Blend
    2-3 drops Peppermint
    2-3 drops Eucalyptus
    2-3 drops Lavender
    1 tsp Coconut Oil

    Mix well in a glass jar and massage the mixture into the temples, behind the ears, into the bottoms of the feet or on your chest. The peppermint helps unclog sinuses and acts as an expectorant; eucalyptus helps open up the lungs and bronchials to improve respiration; and lavender helps fight inflammation and reduce the overreaction of the immune system, says Jessica.

    Household Spray
    40 drops Lemon
    20 drops Tea Tree
    16 oz Distilled Water
    Dash White Vinegar

    Add to a spray bottle and mist on surfaces that harbor allergens to disinfect and cleanse the air—with the added benefit of infusing the air we breathe with therapeutic, immune-boosting oils.

    Get even more great aromatherapy suggestion from a Pharmaca practitioner today.

    Read more @ www.pharmaca.com/projectwellness/aromatherapy-for-allergies/

  • New Year, New You, Find Your Healthiest, Most Balanced Self.

    1) Take B12

    This vitamin is gaining in popularity for its ability to calm stress, boost energy, and even improve memory and heart health.

    2) Make the switch to natural cosmetics

    Did you know that 60% of what goes on your skin goes into your body? Time to make sure those lip glosses and concealers are as clean as possible.

    3) Get on a good probiotic

    Probiotics are essential to inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, promoting good digestion, boosting immune function and increasing resistance to infection. 

    4) Treat your face to topical vitamin C

    Vitamin C works powerfully on the skin to lighten brown spots, diminish wrinkles and protect from sun damage. 

    5) Upgrade your soap

    Amp up your daily bathing routine with French-milled soaps infused with shea butter, essential oils and other natural moisturizers.

    Read more on www.pharmaca.com/projectwellness

  • How Your Phone Is Killing Your Posture

    Do you ever take your work to a coffeehouse? Maybe you’re at one right now, or maybe you’re at work and several people are within view. Scan the posture of those around you — how many of them do you see with their heads in front of their shoulders? If you had a snapshot of yourself at this very moment, would that be you?

    For most of human history, screens and handheld devices were not a contributing factor in daily posture. Nowadays, with our seated jobs, car commutes and constant attention to devices, our heads often travel in front of our shoulders, predictably wreaking havoc on many sensitive organs and systems.

    Read more here www.blog.myfitnesspal.com/phone-killing-posture/

  • It's SPA day!