Keep your rug looking fresh thanks to Cost Plus!

Vacuum regularly. Invest in a trusted vacuum cleaner, preferably one without beater bars, and vacuum your area rug regularly and on a low-power setting. Help yourself remember by setting a weekly (more for high-traffic areas) calendar alert on your phone. Remember never to vacuum your rug’s fringe; this could potentially accelerate its wear and tear, and literally pull the fringe right off the rug.

Rotate the rug and rug pad periodically. Doing this helps promote even wear and lets the more highly-trafficked parts of the rugs get “rest” from daily use and exposure.

Blot immediately. The holidays and every single dinner or birthday party can take their toll on your beloved area rugs by way of drink spills, oil splatters, and everything in between. Immediately blot any spills with un-dyed cloth and press firmly around the affected area to absorb as much of the spill; it’s all about taking quick and decisive action!

Hire a pro. There’s a reason why there are professional rug cleaners around—they know what they’re doing and they are good at it! For stains and splatters that are beyond your reach and magic, we recommend professional rug cleaning. It might even be a good idea to have your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year for longevity.

Invest in a rug pad. Rug pads are the unsung heroes of beautiful area rugs. They can reduce excessive shedding by reducing high-traffic wear on the surface, extend the life of your rug, and as many know, prevent the rug from slipping and sliding.

Know your rug. Each area rug comes with a care label—read the label carefully and follow the cleaning instructions and care directions provided on the tag. Indoor-outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the elements; care directions for these versatile rugs will be markedly different from one-of-a-kind rugs.

Treat each area rug as the unique pieces that they are!

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