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    It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end. Hopefully, you’ve been soaking up the sun all season long, but if you’re still looking for ways to make the most of your summer before it ends, check out our end-of-summer bucket list below.

    • Head to the beach one last time (a river or lake trip also works!)
    • Treat yourself to ice cream and splurge for that extra scoop
    • Take a mini-road trip with your besties
    • Get all your gals together for brunch
    • Visit a farmer’s market and buy your favorite fruit
    • Capture the perfect Instagram pic on a giant pool float
    • Watch the sunset with a glass of rosé in hand
    • Get one last summer pedi in the brightest summer shade you can find
    • Spend an afternoon outdoors with a great book
    • Take a trip to the zoo
    • Go on a Segway tour
    • DIY your own flower crown
    • Buy matching sunglasses for you and your bestie
    • Have a picnic with all of your favorite foods
    • Binge-watch that show on Netflix you’ve been trying to catch up on
    • Try making that Pinterest recipe you’ve been too scared to attempt

    Which of these do you still need to check off your list before summer ends?



    It’s almost time to head back to campus! Whether you’re going back to a classroom, or just like using the start of a new season to reset, you’ll want to do so in style! Somewhere between picking out cute stationery and planning your first-week outfits, don’t forget to snag the perfect backpack to make your statement this fall.

  • Get the scoop on Nekter Skoops

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    Got a sweet tooth? Us too. In fact, we’d scream for ice cream just about every day (twice on Mondays) if it weren’t for all that pesky cream…and corn syrup…and just generally uncool ingredients. So what’s an ice cream craver to do? Get the Skoop, that’s what!

    The skinny on these skoops: they’re free from dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors – and even better, it’s so smooth and creamy, you’d swear it was your Nonna’s homemade gelato. Don’t have a Nonna? We’ll be your Nonna.

    We’d call it an indulgence, but with clean ingredients like cashew milk, honey, sea salt, Tahitian and bourbon vanilla, coconut sugar, and pure cocoa, we don’t think we could get away with it. Made in small batches in-store to ensure that “fresh factor,” this is one sweet treat that both die-hard foodies and devoted vegans can enjoy, no Nonna required.

    But wait, we can top that! No seriously, we’ve got toppings. Finish those Skoops with coconut flakes, vegan chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, strawberries, blueberries, cacao nibs, gluten-free granola and more!

    Skoop is currently available at over 60 Nékter locations – to find the nearest Skoop location near you, visit locations.nekterjuicebar.com!